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Alternative therapies and medicine have always been on the fringe of healthcare, with the centre being the standardised ‘one size fits all’ approach to health.

In a world where western medicine says that the individual has to fit the industrial healthcare system, so that the system can cater for the masses, it’s plain to see that the system is broken.

Today, the population is looking for individualised healthcare. They’re looking to the fringe and calling for an alternative to what’s on offer. They don’t want to subscribe to a broken system, they simply want to get better.

Botanicum’s podcast is about the culture of homeopathy, health and healing and how we can change it. Botanticum is about seeing what’s happening, seeing what the future holds and choosing to do something that helps elevate the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Join the conversation and explore the cultural, economical, technological and political shifts that are shaping the future of homeopathy.

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Marcus Fernandez - homeopath, founder of CHE (The Centre for Homeopathic Education) and now, podcast host of Botanicum. Marcus has spent 25 years practising and teaching homeopathy across the world.

Find out who Marcus is and what makes him tick in Episode 1 in which he sets out where he thinks the future of homeopathy is heading and how it will affect us all.


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